One important, if not the most important aspects of suspension set-up is selecting the correct spring rates. Spring rates have an effect on wheel frequencies, wheel rates, dynamic sag and bottom out force.

That is why K-9 Industries Ltd is proud to announce the sole distribution rights for Obtainium Performance Products springs and products in the United Kingdom.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Obtainium springs are made in the USA using high quality aerospace grade titanium (3-8-6-4-4 Beta-C Titanium), and the available spring rates for 3" stroke shocks rage from 200 Lbs/Inch to 600 Lbs/Inch, in 25 Lbs/Inch increments. K-9 Industries believes that the 25 Lbs/Inch increments allows for better fine tuning of the wheel rates for different riders and bikes. No More Compromises, when choosing a spring rate, why compromise when you can get the right one!

Obtainium Performance Products are the choice of champions, Obtainium Performance Products are currently used by some of the top riders in the world including the Syndicate Team and the Monster Energy Team.

"We are excited to have K-9 as our exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom. Most of our UK customers had to wait forever because of shipping and customs; now they can make a phone call to K-9 and have their bikes ready for their next weekend ride"

Jim Harvey


Obtainium Performance Products

Product Detail


Obtainium springs feature a wide internal diameter (1.5") that allows the spring to fit some of the most popular dampers in the market including the Cane Creek Double Barrel, the Bos Stoy, the RockShox Vivid, the Marzocchi Roco, the Fox DHX and many more. Spring rate are also available in 3.5" stroke, so anyone with a Morewood Makulu, Session 10 and Intense M6 can now fit a titanium spring on their bike.


In order to ensure that the titanium springs have a proper and secure fit to the damper, Obtainium have designed and manufactured individual Performance Adapters for each damper. The adapters are made out of Delron which has a very low coefficient of friction to increase the spring's performance and make sure the spring is free to move and won't bind or buckle.


Another exciting and unique product from Obtainium Performance Products is the Trust bearings. The idea is as the spring compresses, it is now free to rotate and as a result it offers a true spring rate throughout the travel as the spring does not bind.

Product Sales

The first batch of titanium springs; performance adapters and bearings have just arrived to the K-9 Industries head quarter. The springs have a unique finish and distinctive look that defines quality; the fit of the springs, performance adapters and bearings for the Double Barrel, Stoy, Vivid and DHX dampers are very precise. They are also extremely light: the springs are on average between 50-80 grams lighter than RCS titanium springs of equal spring rates.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Obtainium Performance Products were displayed for the first time at the National Champs on 18th-19th of July at Innerleithen, at the K-9 Industries stand.

Obtainium performance products are now available for purchase to OE, retailers and general customers

For more information, prices, availability and to purchase please contact us at.

Tel: 01865 349013


Luis Arraiz MEng

Managing Director

Obtainium Performance Products available in the UK