The time for indulgence is over, it's time for some serious training. What better way to get in shape than for an expert to poke around in your stools telling you what you should be eating. This is a great chance for one of you to get some free nutritional help from Julia Revitt.

Here's what she says:

I am a qualified nutritional adviser and am just completing a 'Certificate in Sports Nutrition' course. As my final piece of work for the course I need to give a full nutritional consultation to an up and coming sportsperson. As a mountain biker myself, I thought I might be able to find a downhill racer looking to move up to the next level.

I will be looking to analyse the person's diet and in conjunction with their training schedule produce a nutritional plan that will give the person improved physical performance for training and races.

Once I have passed the 'Certificate in Sports Nutrition' course, I shall be offering this 'Sports Consultation' as a premium service.

This is a chance for one of your readers to get this for FREE!

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