Norco have just released a sneak peak of their 2015 squad, and we think they might have given a little bit more away with their team video than they were hoping. Obviously this is all speculation and we’d like to hear who you think might be in the team.

Surely that’s Sam Blenkinsop at the end with no gloves?! Anyone got another idea? Now we also seem to recognise another riding style in this video from a British lad who’s close to our hearts here at Dirt, Harry Heath anyone? Now we really are on a bit of a whim here, but is that Emmeline Ragot in the mix? After the news that she’s no longer riding for Lapierre also there are a couple of little giveaways in the video…

So our guesses are:

-Sam Blenkinsop

-Harry Heath

-Emmeline Ragot

Who do you think? Are we way of the mark here?