The Fort William Endurance Downhill Race took place at the weekend and by all accounts seemed an awesome race. The basic premise was to complete as many timed runs of the Fort Will track in 6 hours.

Stu Thomson was on hand to video the show and Ace McJacket did on his hardtail because he's nuts like that, here's his brief report:

"Where did you chaps get to? I Just got back from the Fort William Downhill Endurance race.

That was really something else, totally off the scale.

Me (Charge Blender) and Steve Larking ( Dialled Alpine ) did it on the hardtail, and well, it was nuts, Steve went for a ride in an ambulance and I keep having things fall off. Got some cheap tyres before the race, rumour was they come off the rim but I dont know anyone who has had it happen, guess what happened to my choice of rear tyre? Yep bastards kept falling off the rim, I had to run down 3 times."

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Le Mans style start.

" Ben cathro had transmission problems and ended up chainless.

The results arent up yet, but I think Fergus Lamb won with 18 fastest timed runs in 6 hours.

They say the track is 2.82km long X 18 = 50.76km on the Fort track, how insane is that?

Peoples hands were bleeding when they hit double numbers. You should have been there it makes the Mega a bit of a nancyboys race."

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Check the No Fuss webber for the full results.

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