If you love filming or taking photos then this is a truly great opportunity that could see you travelling the big globey world on areoplanes and sometimes on foot pursuing your dream. Read on for full details.

Calling all filmers and photographers.

Do you love it when it’s sunny outside and you’re off to film your mates? Are you constantly posting on myspace, or have your own site? Have you ever put your films up on youtube or shots on flickr or posted your own action sport blogs? Have you got what it takes to step it up and start seeing your photography or film work in action sports magazines, on the TV, and on proper, just-out DVDs? If you think you have, then read on...

Every year Nike 6.0 brings onboard the Nike 6.0 Media Apprentice, a one-year dream-come-true deal that gives the deserved winner a chance to work with some of the most influential people in the action sports world. If you’re over 16, fanatical about filming and photography, and have an interest in action sports, this is your chance to kick start a dream career as a pro photographer or filmer.

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Not only will you learn from some of the most renowned and respected photographers, cameramen, journalists, editors, producers and designers in the business, you’ll be given the opportunity to document the exploits of the Nike 6.0 Team throughout 2009/2010, following them on select trips and events throughout the UK, Europe, and possibly beyond. You’ll get to film with the best people, get invited to the best parties, and see the world on someone else’s expense account. It really is that good.

Entering is easy - upload your best work online. This is what we’re looking for:

A short film of between 30-seconds and 3-minutes. You choose the sport, you choose the style.


Between 5 and 10 of your best photos. Again, you choose the sport, and the style of shots you send in.

What happens next?

After submitting your film or photos, the judges will email you to say whether they think you’ve got what we’re looking for. If they do, you go through to the next round: The Nike 6.0 Bootcamp.

If you make it to the bootcamp stage, you’ll then work on location - and to a brief – alongside well-known mentors from your chosen sport. When you have fulfilled the brief, it is this work that will be judged by our panel of experts, and they will then choose the 2009/10 Nike 6.0 Media Apprentice.

How do I enter?

Simple. Enter here

Nike6.0 Media Apprentice