2015 Night Enduro - Forest of Dean

Enduro has gone crackers in the last few years, the growth of the EWS built on a long history of racing in Europe has been joined by dozens of other series and individual races all over the world. Closer to home, and Dirt, the Forest of Dean has been a focal point of the Mini Enduro race series in recent years and now the format is being taken into the night. Roll up at the Forest on a fine winters evening and there will be a bunch of bright lights heading onto the trails so this race seems to be a pretty logical progression.

If this sounds like your thing then check out then check out all the info here and hit the weblink at the bottom to get your entries in.

Press Release:

This first Night Enduro race will take place at Forest of Dean on Saturday 7th February 2015.

Racing in the dark is really exciting experience for proficient mountain bikers who are use to riding off road at night.

Ride the stages during the day then race them when it gets dark. Loads of people now have lights for their bikes from cheap lights to the exotic and super expensive mega lights.


Forest of Dean - Post Code GL16 7EH


Saturday 7th February 2015

The map for the stages will be released before the race so you can pre ride all the stages in the day light. We understand that not everyone is as fit as a butchers dog so the stages will be open to ride on Friday night and also Saturday day time to allow the not so fit to have nice easy ride round all the stages.

The loop will start from Peddle a Bike way Cafe, the transition times have been set so everyone can make it round in under 2 hours which should be about perfect for most rider’s lights and gets you back in plenty of time for a hot food and drink at the Cafe before the podium presentations.

Podiums – Top 3 in each Category


Mud Hugger front mud guard for winners of each category.

Senior category prizes sponsored by The Trailhead

Custom Glass Made Helmet Trophies

Bruce from Mud Hugger said

"Mudhugger are really pleased to be supporting this new and exciting format of enduro racing. Night riding is one of our favourite types of riding, get some lights and get out there!"

The Stages:

The 3 stages are for mountain bikers who are used to physically demanding routes.

We have carefully also chosen two great new stages along with one of our favourite stages to give you a good test of bike handling skill in the dark, these take it away from the mud and the more demanding descents of previous mini enduro races held at FoD.

You will have plenty of time to practice these during the day on Saturday or even on Friday night if you want to get out and test your lights in the dark.

Saturday 7th February 2015 – Stages open to ride.

Registration times 2.30pm to 4.30pm

You must have sign on and collected your number board by 4.30pm to race.

Times are subject to change depending on rider numbers and weather conditions

Saturday – the Stages are marked out and open to ride to all riders all day.

Medics and Marshals will be on Stages for racing after dark.

Provisional times - racing starts at 6.00pm and should be finished by 8.30pm with podiums outside the café.

New Ride with mates or in a group.

To make the race more sociable you can enter the race in your normal race category but can ride round with you mates just put your group/team name in when entering and you will all get the start times together.

Start Times will be posted in Registration on Saturday Afternoon.

The race order is fastest first:




Junior 15-18

Super Vets



Senior - The Trailhead




Active Transponders will be used for this race which will need to be attached to your bike.

The race will use Tag Heuer Professional timing equipment for the back up on each stage.

With the new transponder system we will give you live and instant results from all the stages at the finish.

We have mad a serious investment in new equipment but we want to give you the best rider experience possible.

A few quick questions everyone is asking.

Helmets - Open or Full Face its your choice but we recommend full face

Personal Accident Insurance – No you don’t need your own personal accident insurance but we recommend you have it in place should you injure yourself.

Lights – Must be a set of high power lights designed for mountain bikes that need to last a minimum of 2 hours.

Full Details of the race and how to enter on the website