40 of the world's top riders will be descending on Britain for the London Bike Show's Air to the Throne competition.

The event, that takes place in the Excel Exhibition Centre, is Britain's biggest dirt jump competition and holds a silver ranking in the FMB tour. The invite only event has a stellar line up including defending champ Nicholi Rogatkin, White Style winner Torquato Testa and the UK's Matt Jones.

If you're in the area we'd recommend checking it out. There's €10,000 at stake and the jumps are surprisingly big for an exhibition centre so the riders go big. Here's the highlights from last year:

The main competition will take place 18th - 19th February will see MTB riders joined by BMX riders Scott Hamlin and James Jones testing out the course and putting on demos to warm up the crowd. Seb Hejna (from our sister mag RideUK BMX) and James Thorne will be on the mic with Kirsty Harper on the decks providing the soundtrack.

London Bike SHow's Air to the Throne Rider List:

Nicholi Rogatkin | USA

Matt Jones | UK

Mehdi Gani | France

Daryl Brown | UK

Simon Pages | France

Diego Caverzasi | Italy

Elof Lindh | Sweden

Reed Boggs | USA

Torquato Testa | Italy

Tom Cardy | UK

Franck Paulin  | France

Alex Alanko | Sweden

David Viltok | Sweden

Adrian Tell | Norway

Nicolas Terrier   | France

Nicholas Hilton | USA

Enzo Souza Haberl | Austria

Loek Quaedflieg | Holland

Erik Fedko | Germany

Chris Raeber | Germany

Marc Diekmann | Germany

Antonin Honore | France

Loic Esteve | France

Matt Scott | UK

Tom Reynolds | UK

Ray Samson | UK

Freddy Pulman | UK

Alex Cahill | UK

Grant ‘Chopper’ Fielder | UK

A ticket to the London Bike Show will also gain visitor's entry into three other events that are running simultaneously; Triathlon Show: London, the Outdoor Adventure & Camping Show and Oceans Festival.

For further information please visit www.thelondonbikeshow.co.uk