As you will knowBrian Lopes has parted company with GT, he's about to announce a new frame sponsorship deal and some surprises for the future. He hasn't actually told us yet but stay tuned and we'll let you know.

Here's what Lopes had to say.

"Some of you I am sure are interested to find out what frame I will be using for this season. Well, it looks like I have narrowed it down to two companies. I just flew up yesterday for a meeting with one company that is a great possibility and possibly will be meeting with another company later this week.

It's something I can't wait to finalize for many reasons, but mainly so I can make the announcement and start the PR blitz.

I think many will be surprised on not only the new frame deal, but also some other plans I have for the future. Thanks for all the emails and interest and hope to have some news soon. "