CRC/Intense Team Boss Nigel Page just sent me over their new 2009 kit.

Nige told me he hand weaved the kit himself with 100% pure Manchester Merino wool on an old loom that he bought on Ebay for twenty quid from a Scottish crofter.

I think he's not done too bad a job at all, considering he had to learn how to use the loom from scratch, buy and look after a flock of Merino sheep, shear those sheep, dye the wool...the list goes on. You can understand why it's taken him three months of 18 hour days to make eight sets of kit for the team.

Chris Kovarik's kit used up most amount of wool while Ruaridh Cunningham's needed just one small ewe.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

chris kovarik's New CRC Intense downhill world cup kit