New Black Trail opens at Bike Park Wales | Friday 27th February 2015

Bike Park Wales has been open for more than 18 months now with their uplifts packed with riders every day since. The team down there have done a cracking job at building an all weather setup but this latest track is a reissue. Our very own Jones here at Dirt worked on a version of this track back in 1999 and raced it in 2000. Here's the mag feature with Neil 'Donny' Donoghue in the main shot.


Here's the word from the crew at Bike Park Wales

BikePark Wales are excited to announce that our newest trail “50 shades of black" will open this Friday 27th February. “50 shades" is our longest and gnarliest black trail to date with a classic Welsh mix of rock, roots and mud.

The trail is named 50 shades of black due to the varying surfaces, topography, trail style and vegetation all within this single trail. 50 shades uses an as yet unused part of the hill on the south side of the mountain here at BikePark Wales and descends the full 280 metre vertical drop over its 1.8 kilometre length.

Additionally BikePark Wales will soon be opening a new pro-line section which peels off the lower slopes of 50 shades which will be known as “Join the dots". This new pro-line option uses natural rock ledges and boulders to create step downs, hips and doubles that will test even the very best of riders.

50 shades of black will be open to the public from this Friday 27th February

Contact info:

07730 382501