Today was all about qualifying for the big one tomorrow, the format was 7 waves of 200 riders, Vouilloz led the first wave of 200 riders off, though there was a slight jump start as the jitters got to a few on the front row. However, Vouilloz flatted soon after the start but managed a speedy repair job to come in around the 20's. Punctures seemed to wipe out loads of riders today, why don't they go tubeless? On the Dirt front Rob Breakwell stepped on the loud pedal and bagged a 2nd spot for his troubles putting him on the front row tomorrow, unlucky team mate Ralph Jones picked up three flats. I know youre dying to ask, so i'll tell you, I had no punctures and steered the hardtail in to 23rd spot, see it can be done on a boneshaker.

I've broken my camera, so no pics, but i did take some video that i'll slap up later

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

sketchy shot taken from video, shows the main man Mr V leading the pack out.

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