The National Hardtail Champs are at the Uk Bike Park on 20/21 June, to enter is simple, go to the UK BikeParks website and book online for the Round 4 race, it may not state so on the website, but Round 4 is the Hi-jacked Hardtail Champs race, £55 for the weekend.

Here's what officially unofficial organisor Ace has to say:

"Yes it's on again, this is the third year, we gate crashed the UK National Champs in 07 at Rheola, you know the one where Peaty's foot fell off in the starwars section, Ben Irons went to hospital, the rest of us had beer, and Nathan ball got shitfaced as he won, and Bevan got Si Paton in a headlock, that was a good year. Thought we got Barred from NPS events after that, was only 8 of us. So roll on to 2008 and I tried it on for Bala, no chance, not letting us in, turns out we didn't get banned, well sort of, you see there is NO Official class for Hardtail, hence the Unofficial Title, as we don't officially exist none of us have that Race licence thingy, no point getting one, as we dont exist we can't pick up race points, and you need points to do a National."

Read the rest of Ace's Hardtail story on his Dirt Blog.

Unofficial Hardtail Championships

This jacket could be yours if you win the champs. Somebody from Dirt might be racing (I'm away at Maribor) but hopefully Jon or Jake will rise to the challenge.

National Hardtail champs