Roll up, roll up, beginner's guide to people falling off cliffs here!

Undoubtedly the most famous event in freeride mountain biking, and possibly in mountain biking as a whole, Red Bull Rampage has been going down (literally) for years. So for anyone who doesn't know their Zink from their elbow, here's a quick way to get up to speed on the important stuff.

Where is it?

Virgin, Utah.

When did these nutters start this thing?

2001. A bad year for freeriders' physiotherapists everywhere.

What is it?

The riders' instructions go something like this: "Here's a piece of Utah. Start up there, finish down here, do something huge and impressive on the way down. Preferably many huge, impressive things. Try not to fall off. Make it a big one if you do though."

Does it hurt?

Yes, if you get it wrong. Have a peek at this:

Where's this "Utah" then?

Who's going?

Who's won before then?

2010 - Cam Zink

2008 - Brandon Semenuk

2004 - Kyle Strait

2003 - Cedric Gracia

2002 - Tyler Klassen

What decides who wins?

It's judged on line choice, technical ability, and complexity of the tricks thrown down. Who's got the biggest danglies, basically.

Important info:

It's happening on October 7th.

The course?

Thanks to builder Adam Billinghurst's twitter account, we've got a few photos of the course building in action. Looks like they're emphasising the "ramp" part of Rampage!

Looks promising!
Ramp 1
Is this a step-up or a step-down? It's huge, whatever the verdict...
What is this?
More ramp-age
Ramp 2
That's one big kicker. Would you honestly hit this? I'd take a lot of persuading...
The builders have been working overtime this year by the look of it.
Last one!

That's enough of twitter feeds and instagram now. To finish off, here's the official trailer:

See you in October!