If you're currently planning a holiday abroad this year you're probably wrangling with the choice between driving and flying. Well, this may help make that decision a bit easier.

This infographic from Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance shows the cost of taking your bike on various European airlines on a single economy trip. 

What can we learn from this? Well the cheapest flat rate is from Monarch at £25 but on certain routes you can get it for free on British Airways, Swiss Air and Tap. The most expensive is Air Berlin with prices starting at €70 (£60) but rocketing up to €165 (£142). Ridiculous!

Most weight limits are 32kg but watch out for Thomas Cook, Ryan Air and Monarch at 30kg and Norwegian and Aer Lingus that only offer 25kg and 23kg respectively.

While this may help you get the best deal, you can still expect getting your bike from door to door on a plane to be as pleasant as eating gravel. To anyone flying  with a bike this year, we wish you luck!

The full infographic is below: