British Summer time has official started, the days are getting longer and lighter, the trails are looking dry and dusty, barbeques are being fired up, I even got sunburnt down at Barry Island last week (but that could have been a chemical burn from the sewage plant). On the whole though things are looking good.

Here's five sunny videos , well apart from number 3 that has Winter in the title, to start your week off on a high. Andreu Lacondeuy: Riding Cam White

Andreu Lacondeuy: Riding Cam White's Massive Dirt Jumps Rheola WDMBA Practice >>

Rheola in South Wales is still one of the best tracks in the country, wet or dry.

Dylan Jenkins gives us a seat-tube-Go-Pro ride from the race this weekend.

(News on the wire is that Tom Wheeler bust himself at Rheola that weekend, so healing vibes out to you Tom!) MPORA Action Sports >>

Jérôme Clementz and Pauline Dieffenthaler invited by local guide and videomaker Viktor, went in Sicily for a winter riding session. Few days to discover load of trails around the Island. A good start to prepare the enduro race season. More Mountain Biking Videos

The Forcal'Crew - Webisode #3, les origines. Anything with the Pixies as a soundtrack, mashed up or not, is worth a watch and listen. MPORA Action Sports >>

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