24-year-old Daniel Huisjen died after he was struck by lightning this Sunday on a mountain bike ride with his girlfriend.

The pair were riding on the East Fork trail near the Lizard Head wilderness area, 17 miles south of Telluride, Colorado.


The pair noticed a storm starting to gather around noon so went to take shelter below the treeline with a small group of mountain bikers when Huisjen was struck. His partner reported that there was a loud crack nearby, and that she and Huisjen talked about the event for a minute when suddenly he went unconscious, claims the Telluride Daily.

An EMT that was 100 yards away from the strike and also on a mountain bike ride came to help but found an "unresponsive, pulseless and breathless Huisjen at the scene.

Further CPR was administered to Huisjen while emergency services hiked to the scene but efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters thanked the EMT who was in the area, as well as bystanders and all of the responders. Masters said they did “everything they could for this young man." 

“This is a horrible tragedy," he said. “Our thoughts are with his family."