A mountain biker in Ireland has found barbed wire stretched across a trail.

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The rider was on Downs Hill near Delgany, County Wicklow last week when he came across barbed wire strung across the trail and rocks laid across the track, which he believes were placed to catch out mountain bikers. The trails are less than 20 kilometres from the site of the EWS Emerald Enduro.

Wicklow barbed wire 1

In a post on social media, he said: "Absolutely raging at some evil b*****d who decided to booby trap some local mountain bike trails on Downs Hill. (Willow Grove). It started with a few sticks etc... And has escalated to a point where today I narrowly missed BARBED WIRE strung across the track at neck height at a jump. If anyone knows anything please report it to the Gardai as this person is going to really hurt someone."

Wicklow traps

The trail is not an official route for mountain bikers but he claims it is well known as a route for local riders. This echoes a similar incident last year in Guisborough Forest where a rider received a cut above his eyeball after a popular (yet unofficial) trail had barbed wire strung across.