Mickael Pascal and Tim Bently will join Fabien Cousinié on the Morewood Unitedride team for 2011.

The hand made South African bicycle brand MOREWOOD continues to show it's involvement in mountain bike racing and will support for the third year, Fabien “Couscous" Cousinié’s team now called MOREWOOD UNITEDRIDE.

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The 2011 MOREWOOD UNITEDRIDE will consist of three factory racers. As one of the strongest French riders, the legendary Mickael Pascal joins the team:

"I’m really motivated for the coming season. After two years of dealing with everything on my own, I’m happy to find a team of passionate people who will give me the support I need. It’s like a new start for me. I can’t wait to ride my Morewood Makulu"

Tim Bentley, a young South African picked straightout of Pietermaritzburg, will make his debut on the World Cup circuit and he’s more excited than ever to represent a brand from his country.

"It’s like a dream come true for me to race the World Cup circuit and to race in Europe and North America. And I’m on the official team of Morewood, a brand from my hometown, I couldn’t ask for more."

Fabien Cousinié, founder of the team, will use his versatility to represent properly. He talks a little bit about his new structure :

"It’s very nice to see that all the good work has given a good result. It will be a big step forward for the team with a new structure and especially with two new riders. For everybody that saw Mick riding a 65cm handlebar well for next year you will finally see him with the new generation handlebar. Tim will be like my little brother for next season and when I look at his motivation, I’m sure he will do well. On my side, I’ll keep having fun in Dh, 4X and Enduro and in few months I’ll be done with school so I hope to be more focused on racing "

UNITEDRIDE and MOREWOOD are happy to share the same vision. MOREWOOD co-owner, Richard Carter, added:

"Patrick Morewood and I are stoked to be continuing our association with the extremely versatile Fabien 'CousCous' Cousinie for a third year. French legend Mickael Pascal and talented up and comer, Pietermaritzburg local Tim Bentley, are welcome additions to the new Unitedride team. From a testing standpoint it always an advantage to start the season off in your own backyard. Don't be surprised if you see some unconditional bike setup or a prototype or two rolling around the pits. See you in Africa"

About videos, the team sets the bar higher and creates their own production structure, UNITEDRIDE PRODUCTION. Victor Charrier will be behind the camera and at the editing, and Fabien Cousinié will be producer.

MOREWOOD UNITEDRIDE’s team presentation movie will be release in April and will then announce all sponsors.

Factory racers

Mickael Pascal (Aussois, France)

Tim Bentley (Pietermaritzburg, RSA)

Fabien Cousinié (Castres, France)


Mechanic – Stéphane Duverger

Cameraman – Victor Charrier

Assistante team manager – Magalie Labbé