OK, so here suspension ‘Guru’ Dave Weagle talks us through the ‘DELTA System’.


DELTA system

“Born of high expectations, the DELTA system is the third cycling-specific suspension engineered by Dave Weagle, one of the world's leading authorities on integrated suspension design. This new system promises to live up to those expectations backed up with the pedigree of multiple World Cup and World Championship titles. The heart of this new patent pending design is a compact linkage system that allows tunability for virtually any wheel rate that can be imagined. Integration with air springs or shocks is just the beginning. The system allows infinite frame geometry adjustment without any compromise or change to leverage and wheel rates. This unique feature allows riders to dial in their frame geometry and ride the way that they like it, and still maintain factory level suspension performance. The DELTA system is owned exclusively by Evil Bikes and is pending patent worldwide."


Got that then?


Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia


And then the other news is that they have signed up the super talents of none other than Thomas Vanderham. Here’s the press guff:


“After months of speculation, countless questions, and spray painted mystery bikes, Thomas Vanderham is ready to announce his new ride. Vanderham, from North Vancouver, British Columbia, is recognized internationally as one of the most influential riders in the world. His trademark riding style has been well documented in cyclings most notable movies and magazines. Best known for his exploits in the big mountain genre of riding, Thomas has honed his skills in all areas of mountain biking, ranging from World Cup downhills to slopestyle competitions. Along with his riding resume, Thomas brings many years of industry experience in product development, marketing, and design to the Evil team.

Evil Bikes is an idea that has been a long time in the making. We are a family of riders, designers, and engineers gathering from a variety of action sports backgrounds. The sport of mountain biking and the desire to do something different is what we share in common. Drawing from out of industry inspiration and experience, Evil hopes to bring a youthful feel and creative look to the mountain bike industry. We are headed by people who ride, influenced by design, all with the goal to make the best bikes on the market.

Over the course of the coming year Evil will be releasing an expanded and re-branded bike line, including a wide range of suspension bikes featuring Dave Weagle’s latest suspension platform, the DELTA System. Thomas is a critical part of the Evil design team and will be working hand-in-hand with Evils product managers and engineers to bring the products he needs to the trails you ride.

Thomas commented about his new role with Evil, "I am very excited to work with Dave Weagle on his latest suspension design. His track record is undeniable; we will have some exciting new bikes coming out in 2009." He went on to add, "It was very important for me to be a part of the project from the beginning and contribute to the creative process. Over the coming years its going to be fun to develop the bikes and help Evil reach its potential."

"Its great to finally announce this and put all the rumours to rest! Its been hard keeping this whole operation a secret!" said Evil Bikes president Kevin Walsh. "Thomas brings equal parts rider, businessman, and family to Evil. We are handpicking people that align with the Evil culture and lifestyle and Thomas couldn’t be a more perfect fit."


But the question has to be...who is going to be racing for them?

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