World Cup round #6 at Mont Sainte Anne kicks off in just under two weeks time. Greg Minnaar and Sabrina Jonnier lead the World Cup series after round #5 going into Sainte Anne. Full results on the Dirt World Cup page.

DirtTV will be there again in force to bring you all the action and satisfaction of what goes on.

Here's a look at how last years race went, which was won by Greg Minnaar and Rachel Atherton. More dirttv Mountain Biking >>

The DirtTV highlight show of Mont Sainte Anne 2008. More dirttv Mountain Biking >>

Helmet cam from Mont Sainte Anne in 2008.

1. Minnaar 4:30.57

2. Hill 4:32.30

3. Atherton 4:32.83

4. Peat 4:33.53

5. Barel 4:37.25

Mens results from 2008.

1.Rachel Atherton 5:12.36

2. Jonnier 5:13.79

3. Moseley 5:21.86

4. Suemasa 5:35.52

5. Griffiths 5:37.21

Womens results from 2008.

Mont Sainte Anne world cup Preview