Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

SPS Events will ensure at the start and finish line of each race one of the Freelap Transmitter Poles will be located as well as an obvious mid-way point for your split times!

The Freelap timing system consists of a stopwatch that has it's start, stop and lap time function triggered by a wireless transmitter. A minimum of two transmitters are required, a start and finish. There is no limit to how many you use for a run. each time a transmitter is passed a new sector time is started. The Watch can store up to 64 separate files, a file would be one DH run worth of timing so there is more than enough memory for a days worth of riding. The accuracy of the timing is to 2/100", with no wires!

Tim Williams from Freelap has also promised one lucky racer at the final of the Chain Reaction Cycles NPS at Caersws a complete Freelap kit of watch and two poles!

Si Paton of SPS Events says, „The Freelap system is the most innovative product of 2007 and will turn every ride into a race. Whenever you start measuring something, it improves, this will be the same for your riding, guaranteed.


Freelap Watch £117.00

Freelap Transmitter £65.00 each. Minimum of 2 required for Downhill use, a start and finish. For split times there is no limit to how many transmitters can be used!

SPS Events announces that at every round of the Chain Reaction Cycles NPS in 2007 Freelap will be providing riders the opportunity to monitor and measure their performance over the weekend with their unique self timing system.