Renthal are proud to announce their association with the Mondraker Factory Team.

Multiple World Champion Fabien Barel and team mates Damien Spagnolo, Aurélien Giordanengo and Patrick Thome will be competing across the globe using Renthal components throughout 2011 and beyond.

For more from Fabien check below the photo.

Credit goes to Sebas Romeo for this absolute blinder of a photo.


Fabien and his mechanic, Paul Walton are famous on the World Cup circuit for an innovative approach to increasing performance, often disregarding convention in the race against the clock.

Fabien Barel;

“Racing World cup is about thinking of all the details of your preparation but also all of the details about your bike. We are permanently developing our bike, which is just as important to increase our speed. We are always looking for new brands that have strong knowledge in technology and a willingness to invest in performance. Renthal has come to us with a strong philosophy to use all their experience from motocross in our sport. As we all know half of the balance of your standing position on the bike comes from your upper body and your handlebar is the one helping you to control it. Having Renthal on board with the MFT team is important to us and we believe in the synergy we can create together".

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