It's Monday, and I've invented a brand new feature called "Mondays Three of the Best", the title might change though, I might call it "Three of the Monday Best" or maybe even "Happy Mondays Three of the George Best" or even "George Monday's Best Three". (The hastily scribbled logo might change too)

Anyway here we go with three videos from the Mpora MotherShip archives.

First up,  another angle on the final NPS race down at sunny Rheola in South Wales by Webisode man Tom Grundy.

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The weekend saw the annual MXDN or MXoN as some call it in Italy.The Italians looked set for the win until Cairoli crashed out. The USA won, then France, Belgium, Germany and the Brits in 5th...more news over at MotoMagazine

We all know the real MXDN is up at Battle Royal, Doncaster this weekend.

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Dai Plaice and the crew hit up Brighton and the WhiteAir 2009 comp, Big Frankie supplies the tunes. More brighton Mountain Biking >>