Motley Montage of movies for your Monday evening pleasure on this dark Movember night. Mountain Bike Video

Kona / Saint Supreme Operator Mountain Biking

Lily is basically a dog running fast and jumping after her master while he's riding Park City's bikepark. Mountain Biking

This was edit was originally designed to be a part of a webseries showcasing some of Victoria's (Australia) finest riding talent. However due to transport, weather and injury issues the time between filming the episodes was too great so I have decided to release the four edits separately.

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The Cyclepath team goes for a rip on there exclusive trail in the fall, they ride some gnarly chutes, fast straight aways and loamy berms.

Featuring: Bas van Steenbergen, Tom van Steenbergen, Mike Kirk, Owen Campbell, Ryan Varchol and Ben Reasbeck

Filmed and Editing By: Harrison Mendel


70-200 f2.8

35 f2

50 f1.8

11-16 f2.8

Rode videomic pro MTB

Episodio 1: Promo Aarón Caballero