Okay let's ease into this Monday morning with a few videos. Are you allowed to watch videos at work? Depends where you work I suppose, I mean if you're a plumber it could be difficult but if you work as, say, a dental receptionist your laughing (but that could just be the leaky cylinder of nitous oxide).

http://vimeo.com/3412360 Kevin Landry Promo from Justin Hannewyk on Vimeo.

Jon Hadfield from Vancouver beamed me over this freeriding video of his buddy Kevin Landry.

Somerset all rounder Chris Smith has been busy putting his new Corsair through it's paces.

http://mpora.com/videos/DO2rMGFl8 More Mountain Biking >>

A bit of push up race action from UK Bike Park. It's worth it for the "nearly over the bars moment" half way through.

Jimmy Carling wanged this beauty over. I know it's Monday and not Friday but mixing beats in the kitchen is great viewing any day of the week.

Monday morning videos