A Marvellous Monday Mash Up to Magic up your Morning.

http://mpora.com/videos/c8PKXXKFT More Mountain Biking Videos

DMR Bikes Rider Sam Reynolds Double Flip

http://mpora.com/videos/prNuJAeTu Kelly Mcgarry DF5 Rider rides Queenstown New Zealand Wide Open

Kelly Mcgarry started his Pro Career on team Wide Open.

Now riding for Diamond back he continues to represent Brands that Wide Open Distribute In New Zealand Such as Gravity Components.

During the 2012 Wide Open Product Launch Kelly Shot this segment all over Queenstown with a guest appearance from Geraldine skate park.

http://mpora.com/videos/vZ6VI48a0 MPORA Action Sports

TRAILVOLUTION - a Trailriding Movie

Based on the question what is, in our opinion, the best stuff in bike-movies TRAILVOLUTION is a movie about freeride-trailriding. TRAILVOLUTION shows different types of trails, starting from the "typical" bike-trail in the woods and ending up in riding parks and former industrial sites, believing that at last every piece of dirt you touch with your tires is a part of your trail and that everything has the potential to become a trail for biking.

http://mpora.com/videos/WokBUbvbg DIG 85: CATTY WOODS VIDEO

Here's another DIG exclusive edit, this time it's a fun Halloween trails mix from Catty Woods to go along with our article in DIG 85 about the history of the legendary woods. Filmed and edited by DIG 85 cover boy, Chris Janis.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Not strictly a 'winter' edit this one, using left over footage from the summer in Italy and at the world cup in La Bresse. A quick film up 3rock last week and it came together pretty good. Stay tuned. DanSheridan.ie

A sunny feel good showreel from Callum Swift. (Swifty is still at University studying medicine so expect a full on hospital DVD from him soon!)