A bumper Monday video harvest to kick start this wet and windy morning.

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Another rainy day in England.....

James Swinden and Ruari Hallam getting slideways in some woods outside the city centre....

Can't beat a day in the rain.

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Pierre-Edouard Ferry on Lapierre.

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A few shots of the new Dartmoor Wish Prototype freeride bike.. One of only two in the World. Fearless Cycles were able to get there hands on one of these for up coming rider Nathan Ashworth to show the world some Australia freeride which will be coming very shortly.. But for now, heres a few bike shots near Australia's 12 Apostles to wet your apetite. Enjoy :)

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The Edge with two of Scotland's top female racers Bex Reilly and Katy Winton.

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The first in a series of episodes about riders from the Forest of Dean and surrounding area.

Ep1 - Viv Jones, Glenn Stewart and the Mini Downhill.

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The Winter Leaves. In summer this is one of the greenest places in Spain but then autumn and winter roll in, scattering the leaves all over my trails. Everything is covered, and in some places in particular it gets pretty deep. These are a couple of my favourite spots to ride in winter, the leaves are so deep it's like skiing powder, you just have to stay loose, off the brakes and let the bike do it's thing! The noise is spectacular, you can't hear anything other than the leaves crunching. Hopefully that comes across in the video. Few people ever come to these places, they're mostly forgotten trails that i've cleared myself, so the leaves stay like that for months.

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Andy Dunwoody-Bits and pieces from the BDS, 4X and other stuff throughout 2010