Minnaar was on fire this weekend, taking the win by a gnats testicle over 3 whole seconds, that's a fair sized margin on this course. The Fort was on fire too, the expected rain held off to leave a sun soaked final with huge crowds mopping up the atmosphere with..er..a mop. Last weekend it was all about Animal Commencal but this weekend belonged to Santa Cruz Syndicate. At last Rennie is out of his rut and looking good, Peaty had a slow split but made up a ton of time on the bottom section and Minnaar looked like he had something to prove after his near miss last year at the Worlds with a knackered shoulder. A 3rd in the 4x and a 6th place in the DH looked pretty awesome for Dan Atherton while brother Gee kept up the form with a second spot. Hill looked a bit uncomfortable with his 5th place and Ben Cathro proves a skin suit goes well down Aonach Mor.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia
Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

2/G Atherton 4:46.69

3/Peaty 4:47.42

4/Rennie 4:48.19

5/ Hill 4:48.70

6/ Dan Atherton 4:49.76

7/ Leov 4:52.38

8/ Cathro 4:52.40

9/ Blenkinsop 4:52.97

10/ Pascal 4:53.87

11/ Florent Payet 4:55.15

12/Julien Camellini 4:55.40

13/Chris Kovarik 4:55.65

14/ Marc Beaumont 4:56.23

15/Cedric Gracia 4:56.29

16/Josh Bryceland 4:57.13

17/Chris Hutchens 4:57.18

18/ Pasqual Canals Flix 4:57.22

19/ Bernat Guardia 4:57.64

20/ Ivan Oulego 4:58.06

23/ Brendan Fairclough 4:58.89

25/Neil Donoghue 5.00.28

29/Sam Dale 5:01.82

33/Matt Simmonds 5:03.20

34/ Dan Stanbridge 5:03.55

35/ Danny Hart 5:03.85

43/ Dan Critchlow 5:08.21

47/Joe Smith 5:09.09

52/ Roy Cat Cunningham 5:10.72

55/ Tom Deacon 5:11.07

55/ Jack GeoGhegan 5:11.07

60/ Ben Ineson 5:12.10

64/Scott Mears 5:13.65

66/Stuart Jenkinson 5:14.92

68/Joe Barnes 5:18.42

74/Rowan Sorrel 6:17.74

78/ Phil Ashbridge

The Red Baron, rocking, wreckin, Ralph Jones punctured 50metres from the start hut.

fort william downhill mountain biking results 2008