Who is Mike Montgomery? Well hopefully all will be explained in an upcoming video interview but in the meantime I'd thought I'd tease you with some shots of what he's being doing recently.

Stay tuned for the video.

"Here are a couple shots from this past weekend At Showdown. I placed 7th but i could have finished higher, but man when mud and pedals mix its never a good combo. I slipped a pedal in the my second head to head heat. Im going up to Aptos Ca, this friday for the weekend to shred with Tylar McCaul and Jammie Goldman so were going to get alot of rad clips."


I saw this ridiculous boost shot over on Vital a while back so got Mike to send it over. The boy does like to go big.

http://mpora.com/videos/eCqq1faVl More Mountain Biking >>

Above is one of Mike's first show case videos that we should you ages ago but demonstrates his style nicely and he's managed to get away with a classic Def Leppard soundtrack.