From what I can gather in the press release, the guys at Reb Bull are producing a series of edits documenting 4X racer Michal Prokop's year, knocking out an edit a month, hence the name, TWELVE. Unfortunately, I can't make much out from the press release, but check it out below the vid for more info. This is the second instalment. The first one being the one with the hot gym instructor we saw a few weeks back.

Twelve months, twelve short documentaries on a long way to success. Trainings. Races. Travelling. Life.

This is TWELVE - a new project of the pro mountain biker and BMXer Michal Prokop. Rob Trnka's camera

takes the past month of Michal, just as he has actually spent it. Without any adornments and planning. It

doesn't aim to celebrate the leading actor; it wants to capture by its sincereness. TWELVE doesn't create dramatic situations, but it catches them if they arise.

The February part will lead us crisscross through the Czech Republic with a short diversion to Slovakia. We will visit two bmx halls in Chlumin and Senkvice. We will remain under roof in Downmall in Liberec and also in one of many circuit trainings in oval track in Prague. With snowscoot we will visit the HEIpark in Tosovice and then we will call on racing tires on ice in Tabor.

Four weeks, six localities, three various bikes, one snowscoot. Marble, stairs, soil, wood and even ice and snow under the wheels and runners. Training, race, duties, and amusement in five minutes! The Czech- Slovak part has also its Czech-Slovak Superstar… The Twelve catches fire as well as rhythms of the authorial composition February by Jan Mocnak. This time the cameraman Rob Trnka had a hard row to hoe to manage catching all essentials planned by Michal…

“We could have saved some of the themes for future, but if we wanted to make the Twelve just the way we had planned to do it, we had to adjust to the Michal’s pace. Twelve isn’t any fictitious TV series, so what

happened in February doesn’t belong to March part. The way how Honza Mocnak managed to solve it is only

another proof that he is an absolute pro and it was a joy