Our crack team of journalists are out in Alpe D'Huez reporting on anything that moves, if it doesn't move they'll probably take a photo of it anyway just to be on the safe side.

Though Ed seems to have gone AWOL with my "Pinky" camera, but hopefully should be sending pics and gossip back to base soonish. (He better hurry up the race is on Saturday). He's also got a POV helmet cam so we should get some good footage from that.

We've also got talented young film maker Callum Swift (Uprising) out there to shoot some video for us. Stay tuned for that video epic, possibly on Sunday.

Plus, get this, we've got Ride BMX editor Steve "Banners" Bancroft, who has never ridden a mountain bike in anger before, entering the race for the first time.

We just spoke to Banners on the phone and he was loving it. Arm pump, braking bumps, rock gardens and snow fields are a million miles away from street BMX, but props out to the guy for giving it a whirl. Check out his repo in Dirt.

Megavalanche Update