The latest word on the mountain says that 200 extra places have been added for the Megavalanche, but they will go like hot French coissants.

This is what organiser Olivia told us:

"At the moment 58% of the entries for the Mega are Brits.

Lots of girls ! almost 100 so far. With 100 places left.

About the boy entry we pushed it to 1600 riders (200 extra entries) so they still can enter online ! But lots of people enter quick so they have to make it asap.

With the new max riders, obviously the qualifying race raise to 8 groups of 200 the 50 firts go for the MEGAVALANCHE on saturday from 51th to 95th Mega Promo From 96th Mega Affinity (they have to take a chip cost 2€ stick it on their race plate they will be timed and classified with the MEGA promo) Hope it is clear for you !"

Enter here. For more infomation contact