Mega Avalanche Start 2013
Mega Avalanche - DirtTV 2013

Front line at the Mega and the elbows are out.

For some it's an annual pilgrimage to Alp d'Huez and as Steve Jones said back in the day on Earthed 3

Whoever says they are a mountain biker has got to ride that at least once - Steve Jones.

The Mega this year is in it's traditional home of Alp d'Huez and runs between the 7th and 13th of July. With most folk heading out for a few days riding to get used to the terrain you can expect to see a lot of people nursing injuries sustained from their first few over excited runs!

Mega Avalanche Registration 2013
Mega Avalanche Registration

If you want in on the madness then you can do just that by following this link, you will need to create an account before you can sign up but it's all pretty straight forward.

The mountain is open for practice all week with qualifying on Friday before the big race on Sunday, full schedule is here.

The Mega is a nuts race and however many times you do it the rush of belting down from Pic Blanc chased by a few hundred other nutcases cases is an experience you will never forget. If you want to relive just how bonkers it is then check out our video from the race in 2013.

And if you want a rider's eye view then check out Greg Callaghan's race form 2013. Flanked by Justin Leov and chasing the pack in the snow it shows just how mad the start of this race is.