MAVIC TRANS PROVENCE 2013 DAY 2: DIGNE to villars-colmars

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A slightly controversial start to day two with six riders receiving penalties for deliberately cutting corners for a time advantage. The riders that received penalties are:

Afonso Ferreira, Alex Stock, François Dola, Mikko Kupiainen, Todd Seplavy and Vadim Savelyev.

Todd Seplavy Tweet
Todd Seplavy Tweet

Ash Smith, the organiser and race director released this statement following the incident:

"Today during Special Stage1 at Mavic® Trans-Provence 2013, six riders were each given a 35 second penalty for cutting corners. The incidents were seen by myself personally. They were not reported by another competitor or any second party.


"We cannot be at every corner to check that riders are obeying the rules. I believe that the 'random testing' approach that we take - monitoring parts of Special Stages where there's a very clear choice to be made between riding the line or cutting corners - combined with the knowledge that riders will and have been caught and duly penalised will encourage riders to conduct themselves within the spirit of the event (namely, with a sense of sportsmanship, not to mention our joint obligation to protect the trails so that others may enjoy them for generations to come.)"

The weather couldn't have been much different, with the sun shining, making for some enjoyable riding on day two.


Top Five after day two are

1. Jerome Clementz

2. Nicolas Lau

3. Fabien Barel

4.Geoff Kabush

5. François Bailly-Maître

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Jerome Clementz - Trans Provence Day Two
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Day Three will take riders from Villars-Colmars to Guillaumes.