If you're like my friend Esmeralda, you will get very excited by the mention of the "s" word. Yes that's right "shoes". She lives for shoes, she has only got two feet but she has one hundred pairs of shoes and counting. No matter that these aren't out till 2009 and there is no picture yet Esmeralda will be very happy.


Annecy, France


Mavic is proud to announce a major step in its growth by

launching a full range of cycling footwear, apparel and

accessories starting in the spring/ summer 2009 season.

Mavic has very deep roots in cycling dating back to its creation in 1889

and throughout its history it has been pioneer in new technologies for

cyclists. It is in the same innovative spirit that Mavic is developing


Mavic has been responsible for all aspects of the adidas cycling

softgoods products for the last five years (design, development,

production, sales and marketing).

Mavic will continue to provide the same level of service to our retail

partners which are currently selling adidas cycling products through the

Fall/Winter 2008 season.

In order to focus on the Mavic brand, the decision has been made to

not renew the licensing agreement with adidas beyond December 2008

The dedicated softgoods team has already begun extensive work on

the new Mavic offer.

The Mavic softgoods range will reflect both Mavic’s unique brand

positioning at the heart of cycling and the innovative spirit of our

products. Mavic is an innovative creator of technical products for

practices as diverse as triathlon, track, road and mountain bike and this

will be reflected in the Mavic Softgoods.

The new softgoods collection will be presented to the press and to

retailers in June 2008 .