Conisbrough (common) woods mates race winter series round 2

After the success of the first mates race up at the track a few week ago, we decided upon to organise another one to bring in the new year. We had a good turn out with 13 lads turning up after only inviting 15, and there is always a couple who “go shopping with the mrs". We even had a few new faces who couldn’t make it last time because of reasons such as boilers blowing up, only having one working shoulder, not even being in the country…just to name a few. All  the lads were really excited and looking forward to the race either to keep there good form from the last race,prove to the lads that they were quick , and not just say they are and some who just wanted to try there new Christmas presents out, and a few of the lads must have been well behaved last year as the sparkling race gear was out on show (mainly binchy, but anything was an improvement on last races attire, a high viz council coat).

The track was different from last time,more technical,more drops and a rock section that looked simple…but was crossed over the track from last time at a couple of points and started and finished in the same position, and was roughly the same length.In early practice the track was icy,snowy and hard (nothing the local Total couldn’t sort out) and proved to be tricky to ride on, but by the time the first runs came around, the track was at its best,fast,tacky but also punishing if you got it wrong.

On to the race runs,numbers were drawn and it was new man Adam James Carr (AJC) to put his skills against the track, AJC is a very quick rider who also races bmx..rather sharpish, and so excelled on the pedally sections and most other areas of the track to be honest, his quick time of the day was a 23.6 which was set on his 2nd run, but was consistent all day. Next up was Neil farmer, who I must also thank for helping me build the track and get things sorted in the morning. Neil was never really on the pace, finding it difficult to navigate through the rocky section, but he wasn’t on his own struggling with that. He managed to get quicker and quicker and set his quick time of 25.4 on his 3rd run.last rounds winner steve scott was a firm favourite to land a top three this weekend, and after shooting off his mouth all week, it all ended in tears as steve decided never really to turn at the sharo right left at the bottom of the rock drop, and instead ploughing through the snowy undergrowth, which was never going to be one of his “sneaky lines". If he could have got that section sussed, “scotty" would have been up there, but it seems when the pressure is on mr.scott buckles…and ends up red faced (sorry scotty haha).Steve set a still quick time of 24.4 which wasn’t bad, not quick enough though to not make him throw his helmet after his last run, you cant win them all scotty lol . second place from last time ian binch looked quick in practice and seemed to have the track dialled only to never really get on the pace on the race runs clocking is a 24.8 as his best. If there was a prize for best dressed and colour co-ordinated though, binchy would have taken it by a long way as his Ferrari red race gear matched perfectly with the red intense he chooses to ride as you will see on the photos, but who gives a shit if he didn’t trouble the leaders…he looked great!

Number 5 was Chris Kellet, riding a hard tail he should have been able to get the power down and did, but was stuck when it came to bombing through the rocks, and at one point made himself his own little track, his quick time was a 28.9. Sam Clarke hasn’t really rode this track much, but for a young lad looked really well and rode the track smoothly to grab a fats time of 24.6 which was a very good time in any weather conditions. Next down was me, missing the last race through injury but after so many hours into building the track I couldn’t let the chance go to race (and shut mr.scott up about whos quicker up there) and join in the mates race action, I set a 23.8 on my second run to the disappointment of Scotty…who at this point was sat under a tree….crying, until ian binch went and put a arm round his shoulder to be comforting.

Phil Clarkes this race decided to take all of his modifications off and ride the bike raw! Mind you…he still had a speedo on his dh rig (non of the lads laughed obviously) claiming he had hit 25mph on a track with longest str8 being 20 yard, obviously forgot the mediation that morning, phil rode well though with a time of 24.1.Mick cowling a new rider to the mates race world, or any racing for that matter was up next. Mick spends his working hours swinging off of lamp posts and telephone wires (even though he trys telling us hes an engineer swinging off oil rigs), micks quickest time was a 28.9. cowling also managed to have a new tattoo at the end of the day saying “sixsixone" across his chest…were he hit a tree.

Now im sure that Martin Creaser wont mind me telling you that he was the oldest man in the completion for the simple reason he absolutely wiped the floor with us lot. Martin has been racing at a good level for 25+ years and is a well respected local rider and you could tell as he ripped through the course posting a 22.3, the only man to be in the 22 club. Next race though, anyone with a beard is not allowed to compete…id recommend a mach 3 martin. The next three riders were the Mexborough massive who made the journey across the Don to race once again.

Daz Jordan after riding well in the last race couldn’t find the pace and also the grip he needed to trouble the leaders posting a 26.5 as his quickest time. Nick Jackson who is coming on leaps and bounds on the DH rig rode really well, looking smooth through the rocks and most other parts of the track posting a 27.6 which is a good solid time. “Back brake Richie" was the last man to descend…watching this bloke ride a bike defies the laws of riding. Thundering down the hill, with one brake, A bald set of high rollers (and I mean bald) and an old oasis style army jacket that must way at least 5 stone…when its dry. Unbelievably “one brake" still managed to be a mid runner with a time of 24.9, great effort.


1.Martin Creaser             22.3 sec

2.Adam J carr                 23.6sec

3.Nathan smith               23.8sec

4.Phil Clarke                   24.1sec

5.Steve scott                   24.4sec

6.Sam Clarke                  24.6sec

7.Ian Binch                     24.8sec

8.Ritchie o’rourke          24.9sec

9.Neil Farmer                 25.4sec

10.Daz Jordan                26.5sec

11.Nick Jackson             27.6sec

12.Chris kellet                28.2sec

13.Mick cowling            28.9sec

Finally I would just like to thank Chris davies,jono Phillips and tod peters for doing the timing for us, much appreciated lads by all the riders. Hopefully everyone had a great mornings racing even if we have had a foot and half of snow…takes a lot more to stop us South Yorkshire Miners from racing!