For 2010 the Masters World Championships moved from Pra Loup, France to Brazil, South America.

Petra Wiltshire won a gold for the UK, Dirt test rider Joe Bishop got a puncture and Jaymie Mart scooped a silver and takes up the story below:

Battle Of The Old Balls.

Words:Jaymie Mart

The 2010 World Masters Championships were staged this year in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil, 1000km south of Rio on the south east coast of Brazil.

Brazil is an experience to explore in itself, unique, slightly feral with an unquestionable radiating Latino vibe and warmth – the people there are some of the most welcoming friendly people you could want to meet and the race venue was nothing short of an extended vein - full of colour and spirit.


The course in Brazil was the same track as the 2006 UCI World Cup – built by Brazilian world cup racer Markolf Bercholds father (Brazils answer to Scotland’s Peter Pollock).  Apparently, it took 6 months to clear the land and construct, and what a grand job he did.  The course was around 2 and a half minutes long, a fast and technical track with loose unpredictable dusty off camber, rooty sections, drops and doubles.

There were a few notable contenders:

  • UK Petra Wiltshire - multiple World Masters Champion
  • UK Neil Wilson – 2010 Scottish Mens Vets Champion.
  • USA Damion Smith – 2010 USA Masters Champion and Yeti manager/mechanic
  • BAR – (Barbados) Jaymie Mart –  2010 Scottish Masters Womens Champion

Jaymie Mart on the beach a stones throw from the finish line, how good is that?!

On the first night in the country, after foot patrol (course walk) temporary disaster struck for Damion and I.  They do have lift attendants in Brazil and when they are not there, it’s often a good indication that although the station is still in operation, closure is imminent. We didn’t nurture that vibe and as the lift was the only route home, we just jumped on.  Within literally 150m of departing the upper lift station, the damn thing ground to a depressing halt.  I wouldn’t recommend it as a conscious decision, hanging 40ft above a rain forest, its inhabitants (monkeys, eagles and beasties) in the freezing cold, in the middle of a mild storm without the bare necessities after a long haul for 13 hours is not ideal race prep for a World Champs – but the view was pretty peachy at sun rise!

So, the battle was on for the most sought after accolade in the world of cycling – the rainbow stripes. In all disciplines the Brazilians posed a real threat – it became evident after seeding that a handful of our Brazilian amigos knew the course better than their bowl movements,  they all set a fast pace and posed a real challenge – so on race day it was time to SEND IT.


Golden girl Petra Wiltshire

Petra (Peaches) Wiltshire (UK) took the championship title in the womens 40-50 cat and nailed an astounding ‘hat trick’ of rainbow jerseys – three championships wins on three continents in three categories over the years.

Damion Smith (USA) stepped up to the plate making up 4 seconds from seeding and busting through the Brazilian brigade of fast eddies to take home a well deserved silver medal behind Robert Sgarbi (Brazil)

Jaymie Mart (Barbados) also made up 7 seconds from seeding to take the silver behind Brazilian Patricia Loureiro.



Women 30 -39

Patricia Loureiro (Brazil)                  2.46.50

Jaymie Mart (Barbados)                                    + 0.07.34

Maria Frederica Zanotto (Italy)                       +0.17.63


Women 40 – 50

Petra Wiltshire (UK)                                           3.02.38

Gilmara Leiner (Brazil)                                     +0.24.70

Vanessa Cecilia Vallarin Kneer (Chile)           +0.31.12


Men 30 -34

Robert Sgarbi (Brazil)                                        2.18.73

Damion Smith (USA)                                          + 0.04.02

Rogerio Roberto Pauli Jr (Brazil)                    + 0.04.60

Men 35 - 39

Sebastian Vasquez (Chile)                                 2.23.58

Carlos Castillo Vaughan (Costa Rica)             + 0.02.13

Eduardo Stein (Peru)                                          +0.02.41

Men 40 -44

Dean Davies (Australia)                                    2.26.35

Eric Loney (United States Of America)          + 0.00.12

Stephane Routin (France)                  + 0.06.60

Men 45 – 49

Benoit Fellay (Switzerland)                              2.41.51

Francisco Innamorato (Brazil)                        +0.00.60

Juan Jose (Chile)                                  +0.06.34

Men 50 – 54

Stephan Mangelsdorff (Germany)                   2.57.96

Jean-Marc Hellin (France)                 +0.06.04

Rodolfo Martinez Roulet (Argentina)             +0.08.31

For full results check out

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