After the high drama in the high lands the teams and riders have to make the long haul to Maribor in Slovenia, door to door that’s a trip of about 1470 miles, and if my route finder is right would take about 27hrs on the road, that’s probably about 4 bags of Mint Imperials, 4 gallons of coffee and lord knows how many donuts.

The current standings going into the last round at Maribor look like this:

1/ HILL Samuel 807

2/ PEAT Steve 639

3/ LEHIKOINEN Matti 566

4/ MINNAAR Greg 520

5 /BAREL Fabien 391

6/ ATHERTON Gee 390

7/ BEAUMONT Marc 386

8/ HANNAH Michael 379


10/ PASCAL Mickael 308

I’m trying to do some maths in my head, but it’s hurting, basically Hill has a lead of 168 from Peaty, with a total of 250 points being available, so it is mathematically possible for the Peatster to take the crown if Hill scores very little, but how probable is that? The battle could be for 2nd and 3rd with Lehikonen looking to challenge Peaty. Actually Lehikonen is only 241 points behind Hill so mathematically he could be the champ too. Minnaar and Barel will not be riding due to injury, so Gee Atherton could be right up there. I’m glad I’m not a betting man.

In the women’s standings again it looks like Sabrina has it in the bag with a 225points lead over Tracy Moseley, however things are looking pretty close for 2nd and 3rd so its still all to play for.

1/JONNIER Sabrina 880

2/MOSELEY Tracy 655

3/ RAGOT Emmeline 655

4/ HANNAH Tracey 620

5/ SANER Marielle 565

In the men’s 4x Lopes has it sewn up, being 500 points clear of Polc. Again 2nd and 3rd are up for grabs

1/ LOPES Brian 950

2/ POLC Filip 450

3/ PROKOP Michal 450

4/ ATHERTON Gee 425

5/GRAVES Jared 400

Things are a bit closer in the women’s 4x with only 40 points separating the top two.

1/ KINTNER Jill 750

2/ BEERTEN Anneke 710

3/ GRIFFITHS Fionn 350

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