First off, apologies for the slow start to our 2010 Maribor World Cup coverage. An out of date passport pissed on my Maribor World Cup travel chips (did you know you need 6 months minimum on your passport in order to travel? I didn't)

Anyway 2/3rds of DirtTV, the Parkin Bros, are in Maribor and should be bringing you a track walk video today and more videos over the weekend.

The missing 1/3rd should arrive on Friday. (While I'm travelling, if anyone at Maribor wants to send photos/news to us then beam them to

Photographer Victor Lucas has just sent over 5 photos from the pits.

"Just arrived in Maribor and its raining, looks like it been raining for the last few days and the forecast is bad for the weekend.... so it's looking a slip-sliding mud root and rock fest for the first race of the season. Still everyone is in good form and excited for to get racing... today it's all about the new bikes, teams and that kind of stuff."

Click on tyre cutter Jason Marsh to go big.