Scott 11 team boss Claudio Calouri spotted this news from Slovenia. Looks like a tower on the old red gondola which serviced the Maribor World Cup course has collapsed. Not sure about any casualties, but if any body can translate this Slovenian video you're welcome to tell me the full story. UPDATE: First update from Mitch Babbs below.

Mitch Babbs was in Maribor shortly after the thing fell down, he told us:

Was just reading about the maribor gondola on your site. Well i've just got back from 5 weeks biking around europe and we arrived in Maribor 2 days after it fell down! They were trying to keep it a bit hush hush but the bloke at our campsite told us it collapsed 2 days earlier with 15 injuries but no casualties! It doesn't suprise me that this as happened as the sloveniens are very laidback people who don't seem to care about health and safety, Which was a bit of a worry for the rest of the holiday in Slovenia..

We didn't think we would be able to ride there after that but then found out there was 2 ski lifts around the other side taking you right near the world cup track. Only problem was, they were really slow and it took about 40mins to get to the top so we were just sessioning it from the half way point by the rock garden most of the day. Was a great course, but was way to hot!

Maribor World Cup Gondola disaster