On Monday 50 truck loads of dirt was delivered to the front of the Bernabeu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid. A couple of days later it's been sculpted into a pretty sweet course, ready for the worlds dirt monkeys to do there freeride thang. The muddy stage is set for an incredible contest to determine the final 5 riders in the biggest freeride series of the year.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Apparently the dirt this year is of an exceptional vintage shipped in from the Spanish hill farms in refrigerated containers individually filled by local peasants. Once unpacked the dirt has been carefully shaped by none other than the Mayor of Madrid himself. He has crafted a 6 meter high start ramp leading into the first double which is followed by a berm and a roller, into a step-up, onto a curved wood feature ending with a step-down, back into a beautifully shaped four pack of dirt jumps. Hats off to the Mayor.

Madrid is a two-day event, practice starts on Friday as well as the first qualifying run. The second qualifying and the finals are Saturday afternoon. The tour is heating up and the riders will be giving everything they have to be one of the top 5 finishers to qualify for the final two events. In the two final Nissan Qashqai Challenge events, the world's best 25 riders will compete in Munich and London for the overall title and the sport's biggest prize purse.

The Madrid rider line-up is:

Andi Brewi AUT

Niki Leitner AUT

Geoff Gullevich CAN

Kurtis Sorge CAN

Mitchell Chubey CAN

Andreu Lacondeguy ESP

David Acedo ESP

Victor Esplugas ESP

Inigo Yanci Larralde ESP

Pau Martin Miller ESP

Marc Casals Casoliva ESP

Angel Vivanco ESP

Rodrigo Velasco Ubeda ESP

Amir Kabbani GER

Andi Wittmann GER

Benny Korthaus GER

Flo Konietzko GER

Simon Kirchmann GER

Taulan Dernbach GER

Bartek Obukowicz POL

Maciek's Ryndziewicz POL

Pedro Marrero Puerto Rico

Igor Putera SLO

Anton Gustavson SWE

John Alm Högmann SWE

Linus Sjöholm SWE

Martin Söderström SWE

Blake Samson UK

Lance McDermott UK

Mike Smith UK

Sam Reynolds UK

Adam Hauck USA

Alex Reveles USA

Andrew Taylor USA

Cameron Zink USA

Greg Watts USA

Kyle Strait USA

Phil Sundbaum USA

Ryan Howard USA

Tyler Mc Caul USA

Madrid Qashqai