Brook MacDonald and Emmeline Ragot join Markus Pekoll and Damien Spagnolo on the new MS Mondraker Team.

So it looks like MS Evil and the Mondraker Factory Team are no more. Where does that leave Evil? And what about Luke Strobel and Filip Polc?

Here's the newsy bit:

The riders/team will be focusing on : World Cup Racing (all riders at all World Cups), World Championship, the European IXC Cup + some national races:

Here some more info on the riders with their most important results so far:

Brook "Hulk Hogan" MacDonald. Photo:Facebook

Brook MacDonald.

20 years old. New Zealand.

• 6th in general UCI ranking 2011

• 3 podium positions at the World Cup UCI in 2011

• 9th position World Championship 2011 Champery/ SUI

• World Champion Junior 2009

Brook's new Summum frame from Twitter

Damien Spagnolo.

26 years old. France.

• Silver Medal World Championship 2011 Champery/ SUI

• 10th in general UCI ranking 2011

• Silver Medal French Championship Elite 2011

• 5th position World Cup Champery 2010

Markus Pekoll.Photo:Facebook

Markus Pekoll.

24 years old. Austria.

• European Champion IXS Cup 2011

• 16th in general UCI ranking 2011

• Several podium positions at the European IXS Cup 2011

• National Champion Austria 2010/ 2011


Emmeline Ragot.

25 years old. France.

· World Champion 2011 Champery/ SUI

· 5th in general UCI ranking 2011

· 2 times World Champion Junior

· World Champion Elite in 2009

The goal of the team is to be one of the top DH teams of 2012 and to continue the great job of the MONDRAKER FACTORY TEAM of the last seasons. All riders of the MS MONDRAKER TEAM will be riding the Summum Pro Team which has proven to be a very promising and medal winning bike ever since its launch in 2009, with various victories from Fabien Barel in the last few years and Damien Spagnolo’s great performance in Champery September 2011.

The MS MONDRAKER TEAM will have an impressive infrastructure and a very professional support team available for the riders, as well a professional photographer and movie maker who will be following the team during all the important races starting from the first World Cup race in Pietermartizburg between the 17th and 18th of March.

MS-Racing Owner Markus Stöckl says:

We are very proud to represent the new Mondraker Factory Team, already at my first visit at the Mondraker office we found a good base for our program.

The Team is very sad that we had to let some of our riders go but also happy about the new riders Damien and Emmeline and about Brook and Markus to still be with us, each of them is a great Rider and has a cool personality, so we are looking forward to some successful and fun race weekends.

It is quite a busy time for us because of the change of our main partner there will be some more changes down the road, but we are stoked about the new opportunities which are coming.