I'm in a hotel room in Mont Sainte Anne trying to pack my bags, the cleaners are banging on the door telling me to hop it and the wifi is sketchy, I haven't got time for a big story so I'll just post up the press release for you. But I did have a peek to see who else was in the hall (I don't know why they have to stay in the hall, why don't they invite them into the main room?) and it's legends like Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly. They elect new members every year so there's still chance that Big Mike and Jonesy from Dirt will get an invite one day.

Lopes-Hall of Fame.

Four time World Champion and Laguna Beach resident Brian Lopes got the news this past wednesday about his induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Lopes is to be inducted under the "Race History" category this coming Sept. 24 in Las Vegas , Nevada during the Interbike Show. The ceremony is open to all Interbike attendees and the public.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Elected by a vote of past Hall of Fame Inductees and current Hall of Fame members, Brian Lopes has had an unprecedented career since becoming a professional cyclist at age 17. He has been labeled by USA Today "Undisputedly the best all around world class cycling athlete". Having raced BMX for most of childhood, he learned how to ride a bike at the tender age of 4, turning Pro at the age of 17 and competing in the BMX circuit for 7 years before channeling all his efforts in 1993 to mountain biking. He has won over 19 titles in his MTB career, 9 of those on the NORBA National circuit, 8 on the UCI World Cup & 4 prestigious World Championships.

Lopes to be inducted to the MTB hall of fame