oh bugger...

Guerlian Chicherit's Record Car Jump Attempt takes a turn for the worst

It's not exactly mountain biking I know but bear with this one (or skip to 7 minutes in) to see just how well roll cages work! In an attempt to set the world record for distance jumped in a car Guerlain Chicherit sent this massive jump on snow to try and break Tanner Foust's record car jump of 332 feet.

Needless to say it all went a bit wrong, however he is fine and after calling his wife before the attempt to say 'he didn't feel good' he still went for it!

Here's the video but make sure you check out how to really send a jump with Gee Atherton below.

So that was definitely an undershoot but bikers know how to overshoot. Anyone remember Gee Atherton sending it in Tignes on the snow back in 2008? Well check the video out as he definitely had the speed and then some!

Lets try to keep it a but more rubber side down this weekend yeah?