Ride Sheffield's RADmires project has received a huge boost after a local company made a SIZEABLE donation to the crowdfunding effort.

Vulcan Engineering, based in Sheffield, donated £22,500 to help make the trail a possibility after hearing about the success of Lady Canning's. This huge windfall is half the money required to bring RADmires to life and will no doubt be put to great use by the Ride Sheffield team.

RADmires is Ride Sheffield's second crowd funded trail after Lady Canning's was built one year ago. Lady Canning's has now had 14,000 runs down it recorded on Strava and has even been used for kids' birthday parties - rad. It also has the honour of being Britain's first crowd funded trail, with Sheffield's riding community raising £75,000 to make it a reality.

RADmires will be a step up in technicality from Lady Canning's to act as a launchpad for riders to explore Grenoside, the Peaks and Wharncliffe, best of all it only needs £45,000 to make it a reality so hopefully it won't be long now before we see shovels cracking the dirt.

Ride Sheffield said: "Ladies and gentlemen, if we all raid the piggy bank and check down the back of the sofa, we will soon be in a position to seal the deal with Sheffield CC and the Peak District National Park. This really is an exciting prospect with the greater gradient in the Redmires Plantation ensuring that this will be a treat to ride. Dig deep people and we can start digging for real!"

For details on how to contribute, visit the Ride Sheffield website.