The UCI have released some very interesting figures this week regarding how many people are watching the Redbull live streams of the world cups. This live coverage has transformed the fans view of DH racing and has obviously become essential viewing for huge numbers of people around the globe.

Photo: Redbull Media Pool
Downhill at the 2013 Hafjell UCI MTB World Cup, Norway.

Overall the live video streams have had 1.26 million views during the 2013 season, with the downhill coverage being the most popular with over 1 million views. Thats a lot of people listening to Warner's own incoherent streams. These streams are still free to view thanks to a deal signed between the UCI and Redbull Media house in 2012. In my own opinion, this seasons coverage has been the best we have seen. More cameras and more reliable connection but I do miss Warner's pissed up antics. Bring back the booze!

The most popular event of the year was Val Di Sole in Italy with 361’370 viewers across all disciplines. The 12th world cup at Fort Bill was the most popular of its type, DH only, with 235’357 views, 5 times as many as the most popular XC eliminator! Erhmm.

The DH viewing public has grown 22% over last season, I'd like to see similar figures for Rob's Dirty Business!