After negative feedback from the riders yesterday (check out Rupert Chapman's Instagram for some creative feedback), the Leogang course has undergone some minor changes to make it easier and improve the flow.

The UCI have said: "After the feedback from team managers from yesterday, some small modifications will be done on the course :

  • Marshall point 16 - Rock Garden : Filling up some holes and making it a little bit easier
  • Marshall point 19 : Open up the burm [sic]
  • Marshall point 23: Filling up some holes and making it a little bit easier"

We're not sure exactly what points on the track these changes will cover but it seems that the man-made rock gardens were the main source of worry. Maybe they would kill too much flow for the riders - as was clearly seen on Claudio's helmet camera run yesterday.

The Leogang course has caused controversy in the past with Bernard Kerr falling foul of some ridiculous taping in 2014 and its bike-parky nature being a constant target for criticism. Let's hope these changes keep everyone happy this year. We'll get some photos of the new sections as soon as possible.

... but unlike Fort William, it's very much man made
World Cup #4 Leogang 2016