Laurie Greenland may have said he'll be partying until the end of the year, but he'll have to postpone that for at least a week to ride the Red Bull Hardline as he's part of an updated rider list released yesterday.

Also added to the list isĀ Matt Walker, Joe Smith, Taylor Vernon, Mike Jones, Graeme Mudd and Alexandre Fayolle, bringing a wealth of World Cup experience to the table.

Unfortunately some riders from the original list have had to step aside. The most exciting of which was Nico Vink, who would have been one of the first FEST rider to tackle downhill's toughest course. Also out of the running are: Eliot Jackson, Remy Metailler and Remi Thirion.

The changes bring the total number of riders up to twenty - a good start considering only eight riders made it to the finals last year.


The new Red Bull Hardline rider list is:

  • Gee Atherton
  • Dan Atherton
  • Adam Brayton
  • Craig Evans
  • Bernard Kerr
  • Ruaridh Cunningham (last year's winner)
  • Mark Wallace
  • Brage Vestavik
  • George Brannigan
  • Eddie Masters
  • Rupert Chapman
  • Matt Walker
  • Brook MacDonald
  • Mick Hannah
  • Joe Smith
  • Taylor Vernon
  • Mike Jones
  • Graeme Mudd
  • Laurie Greenland
  • Alexandre Fayolle
  • Al Bond