If you're a fan of the iconic orange coloured Austrian bike company KTM, then you'll be pleased to hear they are available again in the UK.

Jones was impressed with the KTM Tribute when we featured it in the magazine back in 2009, let's hope the 2012 range is just as good.

16th January 2012 - for immediate release

We're pleased to announce that KTM Bikes are now available to UK customers.

KTM have an established name for their motor bikes in the UK, but their range of push bikes have never been easily available here, we are going to change this!

KTM have been making push bikes since 1964, so this is not just some company licensing the KTM name.

The Ratchet

Check out the full range at www.ktm-bikes.at

KTM sell over 160,000 bikes a year to 30 countries, and we're really excited to be able to bring this major global brand to the UK market place. Anyone who has been to the EuroBike Show in recent years will know the scale and quality of this brand, and appreciate the potential these bikes have in the UK.

The Aphex

With over 140 models in the range, covering mtb (including an awesome selection of 29ers), road, commuting, electric and kids bikes, there is something for everyone.

The Bark

FLi Distribution are currently seeking dealers to help them meet the demand for these high quality European built bikes.

Exceptional dealer margins are available and as with all the brands available though FLi, we will not be supplying the on-line discount stores.

Demo bikes will be available and FLi will be everywhere in 2012 making sure people get to try these great bikes. Any shops interested in talking about the brand can contact us

email: info@flidistribution.co.uk

phone: 0161 304 8555

Sponsorship applications are also welcomed from any riders who think they can help us promote the brand in the UK.


Aphex - RRP £3599.99

Ratchet - RRP £2449.99

Bark (4 models starting from) RRP £1799.99