Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Saturday june 13th saw the first of the Kona mashup rounds at Afan's Glyncorrwgg skyline centre under blue skies, hot weather and dusty trails.

The enduro comprised of five single track sections and one being a seven and a half minute"if yer feelin fit"climb. Two of the enduro sections being run on the same tracks as the technical category.

The technical cat was run on three downhill/single track sections one of them called the "not so black" black run.

With loads of entries and a shit hot relaxed feel going on people just got down to plenty of grit your teeth single track racing.

The enduro cat was won by the man Rob "box"cooksley of bad ass bikes/Ram by a clear one minute 13 sec over joint second Ryan bevis also a bad ass bikes rider and Al faibairn.

It looks like Cooksley cleaned up in pretty well all the sections, even on the sections jointly used by the tech cat. Box had to say this about it, "At 36 it's always good to work it into these young bastards and im coaching Bevis to take over from me when im too old and knackered. I'm also coaching him in the bedroom making sure he's doin it right and his missus is well happy."

Also to be noted for the win in the tech category is the man Crawford Carrick Anderson all the way down from Scotland. Crawfy was absolutley on fire looking almost back to his world cup racing days. Another convert to this type of racing also putting in a good performance in the Avalanche Cup in Kielder.

We need more of this stuff in the uk.

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